Sunday, September 10, 2023

Ancestral Math

 Everyone has generational patterns that travel along the DNA. Some traits and behavior patterns are wonderful and others are not. I do not finger point or place blame. Life happens to everyone. In my job as a holistic nurse and kinesiologist, I get to identify and support the release of your generational beliefs, limiting thoughts, faulty core beliefs, negative patterns and so much more. In doing so, it offers an understanding of what some of the progenitors went through in their lifetime. I find it fascinating.

I came across this interesting chart that shows the reality of how many people came before you. Imagine the stories!

Friday, September 08, 2023

Kidney Meridian Acupressure Point

 K-27, also called energy buttons, is a Kidney Meridian acupressure point that lies right below your collar bone, towards the midline of your body. When tapped or massaged it has the ability to:

  • strengthen your immune system;
  • improve vision;
  • get you focused and alert;
  • help you think more clearly;
  • help you read and comprehend more easily;
  • calm tension, anxiety, worry;
  • reset your electro-magnetic body;
  • gives you more energy;
  • can be done any time you need any of the above.

Star of Bethlehem Flower Essence

 Star of Bethlehem is a Bach flower essence for releasing acute shock and trauma. I have so many stories of instant relief coming from a few drops of this wonderful vibrational medicine. I recommend keeping this flower essence on hand for yourself and your children.

When my daughter was 8 years old, she got stung by a bee or yellow jacket. You know how much that hurts! She was hysterically crying. I squirted drops of Star of Bethlehem flower essence in her hands and she immediately stopped crying! I was surprised at how fast it was able to quiet her nervous system.

4 drops of the flower essence under the tongue, on the palms of the hands or drops in water can immediately support you during a traumatic experience. It is simple and powerful at the same time.

Thursday, September 07, 2023

OMG Points - Keeping it Simple

 Where do your hands go when you've lost something and can't remember where it is?

Your palm usually goes to your forehead and you say, "OMG, where did I put it?"

The emotional stress release points or OMG points, when held, help bring blood flow and intention to the frontal lobe of the brain, where rational thinking occurs. This lessens the "fight or flight" response so that a new conscious choice can be learned. 

Holding this area on the forehead also reduces stress and the butterflies that you get in your stomach when overwhelmed or anxious. 

Teachers who have studied Brain Gym - - incorporate this technique in the classroom with great results.


De-Stress with a Simple Exercise

The following is a self-care technique to release pent up anger, frustration and stress so that you don't become a volcano ready to erupt. Use it for yourself and teach it to your children. They feel overwhelm just as much as the grownups in their life!

1. Stand. Rub your hands together and then shake them off.

2. Take a deep breath and circle your arms above your head.

3. Turn your hands towards you and make a fist.

4. As you blow the air out, "pound" your fists and arms downward. When your arms reach the bottom of the motion, open your hands.

5. Repeat 2 more times, slowly and deliberately.

6. Finish with a "Zip Up" energy exercise. Place your hand on your public bone, take a deep breath as you move your hand up the center of your body to the lower lip. Repeat three times.


Just Breathe

 It seems so simple to say ... just breathe. It's automatic, right? It is, and you can support so many systems in your body with conscious breathing. Take 5 minutes during the day to focus on deep cleansing breaths. Be aware of your muscles relaxing, your brain clearing and know that you are also detoxifying your body.

One technique you may be aware of is square breathing. It's a wonderful recommendation for anxiety, stress or just needing a break.

Breathe in for a count of 4. Hold for a count of 4. Release for a count of 4. Hold for a count of 4. Repeat as many times as you feel you need.


 Another breathing technique that is helpful for reducing stress and supporting body systems is belly breathing. Get comfortable sitting or lying.

1. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly, below your rib cage;

2. Focus for a moment on relaxing;

3. Breathe in slowly through your nose. Feel the hand on your belly rise.

4.  Exhale slowly through pursed lips. Is the hand on your chest staying still?

These are only two examples of breathing techniques. Allow yourself to tune in throughout the day and focus on your breath and notice when deep breathing becomes automatic. That is the result of neuroplasticity or the ability of your brain to "rewire" based on new learning patterns.



Friday, May 08, 2015

Exercises for Whole Brain Learning

Brain hemisphere exercises make learning so much easier, more fun and less stressful. When you are able to access both right and left sides of the brain, you are more productive and focused.

In the last article, a simple, brain hemisphere exercise called cross-patterning was introduced. Marching in place while bringing your opposite hand to your opposite knee wakes up the brain and recharges the energy in your body.

Another way of integrating your brain hemispheres and focusing your mind is an exercise called Crossing the Midline:

  1. Hold a pen in your RIGHT hand and draw the infinity symbol on a piece of paper. Trace the symbol several times and follow the tracing with your eyes. The larger the paper, the more eye muscles can be used.
  2. Repeat while holding the pen in your LEFT hand.
  3. Repeat while holding the pen in BOTH hands.
 Eyes are so important for reading, learning and processing whole brain information. The simple act of reading can weaken the eye muscles due to the continuous movement of the eyes back and forth across a page. Add fatigue, stress, poor lighting, etc. and vision can be inhibited.

Moms, for years have been telling their children that they have yes in back of their heads. Well, Moms you are right! You actually "see" in the area in the back of the head called the Primary Visual Area.

To reduce stress in the eyes, locate the bump, called the mastoid process, in the back of the head - about 2 inches right and left of the midline and about 2 inches above the base of the skull. Or, think about shining a light through the pupil of the eye and having it come out the back of the head. that's the spot!

  1. Massage the eye points gently - the Primary Visual Area - while;
  2. Slowly bringing your eyes around a giant imaginary clock, both clockwise and counter-clockwise;
  3. Repeat with eyes open and then closed, taking deep breaths as you go.

An energy exercise to reduce stress and integrate the brain hemispheres is called the Overload Exercise. Use this any time you are stressed, overwhelmed or overloaded.

  1. Place one hand on your navel, while the other hand massages below the clavicle (collar) bone, to the right and left of the sternum;
  2. Massage above and below the lips while continuing to hold the navel;
  3. Massage the tailbone;
  4. Reverse hand positions and repeat steps 1 through 3.
You will find yourself or your child taking a deep cleansing breath after this exercise. The cob webs in the brain seem to go away and the lights come on! Now it is easier to go back to the task at hand. thinking is so much easier.

Whole Brain Learning

In the 1960's, Roger Sperry and other scientists began research that confirmed that our brain has two hemispheres, left and right, with each one performing a different function. Their investigation led to a Nobel Prize and a better understanding of the different styles of learning, perceiving and functioning.

The LEFT brain hemisphere controls the right side of the body and processes information logically, analytically and sequentially (one step at a time).

A child with left brain dominance likes to be in a more structured environment with rules and systems in place and prefers to work alone in a quiet setting. Their focus is on details.

The RIGHT brain hemisphere controls the left side of the body and sees the big picture without breaking it down into parts.

A child who is right brain hemisphere dominant is creative, intuitive, imaginative, flexible, a "free spirit" and often "flies by the seat of her pants."

Despite the fact that we all have a dominant brain hemisphere, learning is much easier when we can function from a whole brain approach - when the brain is "switched on." Information needs to shuttle back and forth from the right side of the brain and body to the left side and back again.

For example:
When we read, the left or logical side of the brain processes individual words while the right side puts all of the ideas together.

Stress influences our learning ability. Sometimes stress switches us off and clear communication between right and left brain hemispheres is blocked. It becomes a mental tug-of-war with each side wanting to be in charge. Reading, reading comprehension, math, spelling, focusing and even physical coordination becomes difficult and challenging.

A simple brain hemisphere integration exercise called Cross-Patterning or Cross Crawl switches on the brain, revitalizing your energy, making learning much easier.
  1. March in place while bringing your OPPOSITE hand to your opposite knee. Do this 3 or 4 times.
  2. March in place while bringing your SAME hand to your SAME knee on the right side and then the left side. Repeat 3 or 4 times.
  3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2, ENDING WITH STEP 1.
Any exercise that requires crossing the middle of your body is a wonderful way to keep the brain hemispheres working together, keeping you clear and focused - walking, running, tennis, ping pong, playing the piano, soccer, patty cakes, etc.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

5 Reasons to Look in the Mirror - What Our Facial Structures Reveal About Us

A mirror can be our best friend. What?

Get out a mirror right now and follow along with me as I take you on a tour of your wonderful, unique face. You are looking at your gifts, your talents, your personality, your communication style, your stress management skills, your resume, your true nature. Your story is written on your face and it is your story to tell. 

  • Look at the size of your irises - the colored part of the eye. The larger the irises, the greater your emotional response to life. You laugh more, cry more, experience life more. Many people may have attempted to tone you done. Don't let them. This is who you are. The smaller the iris, the more emotionally restricted you have been. Give yourself permission to experience and FEEL life more fully. It will be a wonderful gift that you give yourself.

    • Look at the space between your eyes. Are your eyes close-set with little space between them or are they wide-set with significant space between them? If you have close-set eyes, you are excellent at details and getting things done. Your friend, wide-set eyes, can benefit from your ability to focus on what needs to get done. They, on the other hand, are able to see the big picture and help you create a plan for the future. Together, you make the best business partners.
    • The tip of the nose indicates your degree of trust. Look at your profile. Does the tip of your nose turn up like a ski jump or does it turn down? If the tip of your nose turns up, you are very trusting and enthusiastic in the moment. You are often the cheerleader who encourages others with your eager nature. If your nose tip turns down, you have learned healthy skepticism and will accept people and ideas after much thought. You have learned to do your homework and will not rush into something with blind faith.
    •  What does the mirror show you about your lip structures? Are your lips full or thin? This is often a trait that changes over time. Most of us begin life with full upper and lower lips and revel in experiencing life fully and talking, laughing and expressing ourselves without a care for what others think. If our lips have thinned, it is often because of being told to "zip it" and we have learned to just stick to the facts. Why not become more child-like and allow for more self-expression, whether it be with the spoken word or through art, music, photography, dance, writing, etc.
    • Now let's look at your cheekbones. Draw an imaginary line along the outside of your eyes. Are your cheekbones outside of the line or inside of the line? Cheekbones have to do with adventure. If you have prominent cheekbones, you love physical adventure. Even moving furniture around can get you excited. Taking a new road home from work, trying a new exercise routine, anything new is an adventure. If your cheekbones are sunken and inside the imaginary line, you love mental adventures. Reading, studying manuals, gathering new information, searching the web, etc. is an adventure for you. It doesn't mean that you don't enjoy physical experiences, but if you want to regroup when you are stressed, grab a book and settle down and give yourself a mental exploration.
    These are just a few facial structures that help define who we are and how we participate in the world. To learn more about buying my book or setting up a consult, go to my website:

    Help. I'm Trapped in My Own Mind and I Can't Get Out!

    • Do you feel as if you have painted yourself into a corner? 
    • Does your mind keep you trapped in a perpetual spinning motion?
    • Do options seems to have flown out the window?
    You are not alone. So many of my clients feel that they have run out of alternatives. Together we discover ways to find the key to the self-imposed prison.

    As an adult, you spend about 95% of your time living in your back brain in an area called the CIA or Common Integrative Area. This is where fear, pain, fear of pain, fear of fear, judgements and negative reactive patterns lie. It is the part of the brain that holds you back and allows you to repeat habits and destructive behavior. At one time or another you have said aloud,
    "Why am I doing this? I know better!"
    Yes, perhaps you know better. So now what? How do you stop the repetitive patterns that block productive movement forward?

    • Stop for a moment and allow yourself to brainstorm options. To access the "big picture" located in your right brain hemisphere, block off your right nostril and breathe through your left nostril only. Keep paper and pen available as ideas start to flow. This simple breathing technique keeps left brain hemisphere's editing blocked for now. When you are ready to take the new options and make them happen, block off your left nostril and breathe through the right nostril only. This allows you to have access to left brain hemisphere's manifestation ability. 
    •  When your thoughts feel out of control, the mental chatter becomes unbearable, your head aches and you keep going over the same problem repeatedly, get the Bach flower essence White Chestnut. This will quiet the mind and lead to tranquility and discernment. Put four drops of the flower essence in water or under your tongue several times a day. Feel the
    • If you want more help stepping outside of the box and stimulating productive thinking, get yourself the book and set of cards called, Creative Whack Pack by Roger von Oech. These tools have been used by business people, educators, artists, scientist, students and more. An example of what one card says: "What would Walt Disney do?" Hmm. It is certainly a different way of looking at things.
    •  Consider using a creative and logical, whole brain, technique called mind mapping. This technique was developed in the early 1970's by Tony Buzan as a tool to help people take notes and it has become a wonderful problem-solving tool. Two of Tony Buzan's books are: The Mind Map Book and Use Both Sides of Your Brain. Another book to consider is Mindmapping, Your Personal Guide to Exploring and Problem-Solving by Joyce Wycoff. A mindmap looks like this:

    •  One of the best and quickest ways to identify and release the blocks that are keeping you from moving forward is with muscle testing. This is a biofeedback tool that allows for access to your body wisdom. The only real source of information about you, is you. Sometimes we have to bypass our conscious mind and go to the root cause of a problem.

    Sunday, February 03, 2013

    Your Life - How Would You Like It to Be?

    Wouldn't you like a bucket of fairy dust to sprinkle and have all of your dreams come true? What if you already have the fairy dust and just don't know how to use it?

    You can often get stuck in a stagnant pattern without a GPS to guide you out of the muck and redirect you. The cause of that dilemma is due to an area of the brain called the CIA or Common Integrative Area. It is located in the back of the head on the left occipital lobe. The CIA is our survival center and houses the emotions of fear, pain, fear of pain, fear of fear and many of the old reactive habits that we find ourselves repeating. Because, as adults, we spend 95% of out time in the CIA, we often feel limited in our ability to move forward towards success.

    Fairy dust appears when you are able to move out of back brain into your fore brain. Creative ideas, original thinking, imagination and an ability to be present and "see the light" are stored in this area of the brain. Emotions do not impact the frontal lobe so you are not limited by past painful experiences. You are able to create the life that you want. So how do you do it?

    One of the easiest ways to bring your intention and blood flow to fore brain is by using the "OMG" points. When you lose something or forget what you were saying, your hand immediately goes to your forehead.
    "OMG, where did I put my keys?"
    Keep your hand on your forehead while taking deep, cleansing breaths and allow yourself to visualize the stressful situation or relationship. Imagine alternative outcomes. Brainstorm without editing your thoughts. Gently massaging the OMG points will help to relieve visual stress.
    Consider this:
    Your brain does not make a distinction between real or imagined.
    When you tell yourself that you are fat or stupid or a failure, your brain says, "OK, that's right." So if you tell yourself that you are striving towards health, investing in adult learning and benefiting from all of your experiences, your brain says, "OK, that's right."

    So, how would you like a situation to be? With one hand on your forehead and the other on the back of your head, visualize in detail the stressors as if you were watching a movie. You are the director. You can edit, delete, rewrite, change characters and scenery. Decide how you want it to be, remembering the brain will see this replay as real.
    A flower essence that repeatedly comes up in sessions with my clients is an Australian Bush flower essence, Sunshine Wattle. This essence opens you up to optimism for a bright future when you have felt stuck in the past, and expecting a grim outcome. 7 drops of this flower essence, twice a day for two weeks can support a perceptive shift from negativity to a sense of freedom.

    Sticky notes with affirmations are wonderful ways to reprogram the brain. 

    "I am happier than I thought."
    "I can create the job of my dreams."
    "Weight falls off of me as I make healthy food choices."
    "I have much to offer the world because of my wealth of experiences."
    Take time to state the affirmations while looking in a mirror. Continue until you feel that you are speaking with conviction. Repeat this daily keeping in mind that it often takes 21 days before we reprogram our brain and our thinking.

    I leave you with the title of this piece, "how would you like it to be?" You have gifts and talents that are unique. Use them and make things happen!

    Need support with this challenge? I am always available for phone consultations. Let me help you find the missing pieces and a renewed sense of purpose.

    Thursday, January 31, 2013

    I'm Burned Out - Now What?

    "I'm tired and anxious all the time."
    "I can't lose weight no matter what I do."
    "I get one cold after another."
    "I can't get my mind to shut off and I know I'm not getting enough sleep."
    "What's with the dark circles, sagging skin and muscle aches?
    "Why am I craving sugar?"
    TV ads are filled with recommendations for weight loss, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, mood swings, depression, digestive disturbances, high blood pressure, PMS, muscle aches and pains and more. These are all symptoms. Treating each individual problem may miss the root cause. Often, the problem stems from adrenal fatigue.

    Many of us live fast-paced lives. More often than not, you are supporting this lifestyle with sugar, caffeine and adrenaline. And then you wonder why you are so tired and burned out. Life becomes a roller coaster ride and you're not sure what to do to balance yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    The following are some books and suggestions for finding solutions to feeling burned out.

    1. I highly recommend the book, Are You Tired and Wired? by Michele Pick, MSN, OB/GYN NP and co-founder of Women to Women (see #2). She outlines solutions to adrenal dysfunction including dietary suggestions, supplements, lifestyle changes, emotional work and more.

    2. Women to Women - - a website and medical clinic focused on "changing women's health - naturally"

    3. Rhodiola rosea is an herbal supplement that works on the cellular level to balance the relationship between stress and energy. I don't start my day without it. To understand more about the supplement, I highly recommend the book, The Rhodiola Revolution by Richard P. Brown, MD and Patricia L. Gerbard, MD.

    4. Macrocarpa is an Australian Bush Flower essence that supports and recharges the adrenal glands. It also helps to reinforce the need for rest as well as giving extra energy.

    5. Take time for yourself each day even if it is only 5 minutes. Stop what you are doing, look around, bring yourself into the present moment, do "nothing" and enjoy a few minutes of peace and calm.

    6. When you are feeling overwhelmed and a little crazy, try this simple energy exercise called Sedating Triple Warmer: Place your fingers of one hand on the opposite temple and trace around your ears and down your shoulder and release or shake off the energy. Repeat on the other side. Repeat several times on both sides.

    7. If you have never experienced acupuncture, this might be a good time to find a practitioner. Chinese medicine is the oldest health care system still used today. The goal is to unblock and free acupuncture points so that the body's life force energy is restored.

    8. As a kinesiologist, I can't overlook the biofeeedback tool of muscle testing. The only source of information about you is YOU. Your body wisdom directs a kinesiology session and the best path for healing.
    Burn out is your body's way of telling you that something has to change. Whether the change is physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual is for you to decide. Get help, take charge of your health and live a more energized life!

    If you need help determining where to start, contact me through my website:

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    How Can I Care for Myself When I'm Caring for Others?

    Caring for others, whether it be a child or children, elderly parents, an ailing friend or all of the above can be exhausting. Physical energy is required to get through the day but it is often the emotional stress that takes its toll. So often the caregiver gets lost in the shuffle and forgets what flight attendants have told us for years:
    "Put your oxygen mask on first before assisting your child."
    Having experienced the physical and emotional exhaustion of caring for elderly parents, I appreciate the struggle that comes with wanting to do everything possible for them and knowing that you are not taking care of your own health and well being.

    The question to ask yourself each day is: "What can I do for myself that will help keep me balanced, rejuvenated and healthy?"

    When care giving seems to take up your time and energy 24/7, you must be realistic with what you can do for yourself. It may be the small things that give you the most support. The following are just a few suggestions that may ease the feeling of overwhelm.

    1. BREATHE. Square breathing can help relieve the anxiety that is often felt throughout the day: 1) Breathe in to a count of 4. 2) Hold for a count of 4. 3) Breathe out for a count of 4. 4) Hold for a count of 4. Repeat.

    2. Stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle with you at all times. Water will keep you electrical, focused and may prevent stress eating. Adding a pinch of Himalayan salt to your water will increase your body's ability to stay hydrated. Get more information at

    3. The Australian Bush Flower Essence, Alpine Mint Bush helps with the mental and emotional exhaustion and the weight of responsibility felt by care givers. It doesn't take away the job. It helps revitalize and renew your energy.

    4. The Bach Flower Essence, Rescue Remedy can be added to your water bottle and give you emotional support throughout the day.

    5. Create a support system. You need a respite. This could be a friend or family member, a babysitter, a Home Health Aid, a support group, Elder Services, Visiting Nurses, etc.

    6. A simple energetic exercise can help you feel more focused and less overwhelmed:
    On a piece of paper, draw a large Infinity Symbol (a figure 8 on its side) with your right hand. When the tracing is smooth, repeat the tracing with the pen in your left hand. When that is smooth, repeat the tracing holding the pen in both hands.
    7. When the emotions of the situation feel out of control, take a moment to regroup with Frontal/Occipital Holding:
    Place one hand on the back of your head and the other hand on your forehead. Breathe slowly and use this time to visualize yourself calm, healthy and balanced. When you feel pulsing under the hand on your forehead or you take a deep, cleansing breath, you are done.
    8. Animals are natural stress relievers. Just petting a cat or dog reduces blood pressure, minimizes anxiety and brings us back into the moment. If a pet isn't available, find pet videos on You Tube or Facebook. Animals, especially cute ones, can usually get us to smile and forget for a moment that we are overwhelmed.

    There are many ways of putting your oxygen mask on first. Spend some time brainstorming the techniques that work for you. Be realistic, be willing to ask for help and give yourself permission to take care of you!

    Article Source:

    Wednesday, January 23, 2013

    It Don't Mean a Thing if Ain't Got That Bling!

    Don't you just love sparkle, bling, fancy things, beautiful textiles and textures, high quality products and anything made with love and distinction? And do you make a point to use, wear, display and enjoy these possessions?

    A client asked me today who would buy the high end jewelry that I make. She said that she only wears jewelry when she gets dressed up. Really? I found that sad and yet common. I admit that I love anything that sparkles and I can promise you that at any store that I go into, I will walk over to the most expensive item without knowing beforehand what the price is. And yet, I keep the good crystal glasses that I got as a wedding gift 36 years ago in the hutch and only bring them out for "special" occasions.

    So let's spend a moment thinking about the Law of Allowing. How much do you allow yourself to dream, to set lofty goals, to write a bucket list, to use the fine china, to wear the expensive bracelet that you drooled over and finally bought, to create a business based on your passion and not what everyone wants you to do, to have only friends who love and support you, to be the true you, to say what you mean, to live an authentic life?

    Whew! Those are significant and challenging questions. If you allowed yourself to be fulfilled internally and externally, how would your life be? What would change? What blocks or thought patterns would you need to release in order to fully accept abundance?

    I offer a self-care energy exercise to start the process of allowing into your life:

    1. Start with your feel together.

    2. Hold your hands closely around your ears.

    3. Formulate a positive statement and say it aloud.
    For example: "I allow myself to receive today."
    "I allow clear communication in my relationships.""I allow myself to attract a job that fulfills me."
    4. Spread feet apart in a wide stance.

    5. Switch your energy on by placing one hand on your navel, while the other massages under the collar bone (clavicle); then massages above and below the lips; massages the tailbone. Change hands and repeat.

    6. Place one hand on your forehead and the other on the back of your head. Hold this position while you:
    Rotate your eyes clockwise, 4 times, then counter-clockwise 4 times. Do this first with your eyes open and then with your eyes closed.
    7. Massage both ears thoroughly for approximately one minute. Massage every nook and cranny.

    8. Bring your feet together. Your self-care treatment is done.

    Think about all of the people, experiences, activities, dreams and abundance that you want to allow into your life. Add some sparkle and bling. It doesn't have to be with jewelry. It can just be something that adds light to your day. If you want some bling, though, check out my flickr page: 

    Five Must Have Books for Understanding the Body, Mind, Spirit Connection

    Bookstore shelves are filled with books related to the body, mind and spirit connection. They all have something to offer and each one presents a unique perspective based on research, personal experience and the latest understandings of health and energy. I do not have any connection with the authors of the books I am recommending. I simply like what they have to say, enjoy their writing style and find the information useful for myself and my clients.

    For the past 24 years, I have specialized in holistic health and kinesiology or muscle testing. I study daily and love to pass on all of the valuable information to those who are searching for answers.

    Louise L. Hay's, Heal Your Life, is my first must have book recommendation. You may even have a version or two of this book. I still have my original, tattered 1982 copy. Many revisions have been written since the 80's, but the information remains invaluable. I believe awareness is 99% of the solution to a problem. Opening Louise Hay's book to a given physical symptom and reading the corresponding probable cause and the affirmation or new thought process is a first step in the healing process. It is an immediate awareness and look in the mirror.

    Along the same lines as Heal Your Life, is an insightful book, The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal. I recommend this book to my clients to use as a guide to self-healing. Ms. Segal looks at the underlying mental, emotional and spiritual causes of physical symptoms and offers energetic exercises, color techniques and a multitude of thought-producing insights.

    Clients always ask me what the best book is for understanding kinesiology and energy exercises. I immediately suggest Donna Eden's book, Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women. ( ) Because we both had the honor of studying with the late Gordon Stokes, much of what is offered in Donna Eden's book relates closely to the work that I do as a holistic health practitioner. She has created an easy to understand guide to eastern medicine based on her abilities as a medical intuitive, energy research and years of experience. Her books are invaluable self-help tools and offer a resource for a wide range of symptoms. The descriptions of the exercises are written clearly, the time needed to do the energy correction is listed and her drawings of the meridians and chakras are precise.

    For women who want to understand their physical bodies as it relates to the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, Dr. Christian Northrup's book, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, is a must have. She takes her knowledge of the physiology of the body and combines it with her appreciation and understanding of mind-body wellness. In person, Dr. Northrup is entertaining, inspiring and dynamic. If you have the opportunity, watch lectures that she has done for public broadcasting. You will want to watch them over and over just as you will read and reread her books.

    The list would not be complete without Anatomy of the Spirit, The Seven Stages of Power and Healing by Carolyn Myss, Ph.D.. She takes you through the seven chakras, linking them to the emotional and spiritual stress and the physical symptoms and illnesses associated with each of these energy centers. Many people have to put the book down at the chapter on the second chakra because there is so much information to assimilate at that point. Dr. Myss gets you to confront many truths and you might even find yourself talking aloud to her as if she were right there!

    There are more books than can be counted on the subject of the body, mind, spirit connection. I believe that these five books are important enough to suggest that everyone have them available as a resource. Each one is instrumental in getting you to think about your body from a new perspective. As with all information, take what fits for you right now and put the rest aside.

    For support getting to the root cause of any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual block or concern, consider a kinesiology appointment. To learn more, go to my website:

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    Tuesday, January 22, 2013

    Renew and Retreat at Home

    We have all had a time when we wanted to pack our bags, leave our cares behind and retreat to a far away place where no one can find us. A retreat conjures up images of self-discovery, stress-free living, revitalizing opportunities and a chance to have distance from every day demands. And what if we could create this experience at home? What if we could give ourselves permission to take a deep breath and replenish our energy without having to go anywhere? What would that look like?

    Every year in the fall, I have the opportunity to go away to a Women's Retreat at a YMCA boy's camp on a lake in New Hampshire. There are anywhere from 20 to 40 women who attend. We are able to put on our sweats, let our hair down and renew our energy through yoga, dance, craft classes, workshops, fabulous food, great conversations and the pleasure of doing nothing if that is what the spirit needs. Each year I ask the question:
    "What do you want to take away from these 4 days?"
    For some women, the answer to the question has to do with being out in nature and experiencing the elements: earth, water, air and fire. Nature is all around us every day, all day. Giving ourselves PERMISSION to walk in the leaves, go to a park, sit at the beach, stare up at the sky, bring some flowers home, light a candle or breathe is the first step. It doesn't take much time to go outside and just be in the moment and take in the day.

    Some of us simply need to connect with friends and share a good meal, a few laughs or tears or hugs. The sense of community can feel like a retreat from the norm.

    This year at the retreat, water was the element that spoke to many of us. We had the great joy of experiencing exercise in the lake with an Aquasize instructor. Our bodies felt the warmth from moving all of our muscles without the jarring impact that we often force ourselves to do at the gym. Water is the element that relates to our emotions.Sometimes the release of tears and a good cry can feel restorative. If a pool isn't available to us, giving ourselves PERMISSION to wash away the stress of the day with a shower or bath can prepare us for a rejuvenating sleep and a better day tomorrow.

    Music is another theme of retreat. Have you ever seen a sullen face on anyone doing Zumba? Probably not. Music is infectious. The beat, the rhythm and the movement gets our endorphins flowing and the cares of the day seem to float away. Can't get to an exercise class - put on some music at home and dance with abandon.

    More and more people are experiencing the benefit of a natural approach to relaxation and renewal with flower essences. These are wonderful gifts from nature that help us to strengthen our electrical system when it is out of balance. I would like to suggest the Australian Bush Flower Essence, Alpine Mint Bush. This essence is for caregivers who are mentally and emotionally exhausted with the job of caring for others. It's not meant to take away the job responsibility and role. Instead, the flower essence revitalizes our energy and helps to bring joy back.

    Retreating and renewing is personal. What feels like an escape to me may not be the same image that you have. Brainstorm with a friend and determine what would realistically work for you. Give yourself permission to be the best you.

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    Keep it Simple, Silly!

    SIMPLE - Something Impossible Made Possible with Less Effort.

    How many of us are still in the toddler stage when it comes to accomplishing things? A toddler, rather than walking around a chair in the middle of the room, will climb on it, fall off of it, climb on it again, cry when the chair falls over, climb on the chair again after an adult has picked it up and finally make it over the chair!

    There is an easy way to do things and a hard way. Which would you rather choose? Judging by the fact that the profits from the $4.98 Staples Easy Button benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs by up to $1 million a year, I would say that we are looking for simple and easy.

    Lofty ideas, challenges, desires or something that you hope to accomplish can feel impossible to achieve. So many of us get stuck with step number 1. Where do I start? What do I do?

    Ideas, options, alternatives, intuitive "hits" come from our right brain hemisphere. It's where we do our big picture thinking, brainstorming and creating. To put those ideas into action, we have to switch over to the left brain hemisphere. That is where our logical thinking and manifesting energy lies.
    To take your wonderful ideas and make them happen, give the following exercises a try.

    Simple Exercise #1:
    With pen in hand, block off your LEFT NOSTRIL and breathe only through your RIGHT nostril. This accesses the left brain hemisphere and allows the process of logical thinking to begin. Get ready to write out the ideas or steps that come to you.

    Simple Exercise #2
    Shift your attention to your RIGHT EYE only. This will also activate left brain thinking.

    Simple Exercise #3
    To release mental congestion, clear the cobwebs and feel more focused, experiment with the Crown Pull:
    1. Place your thumbs on your temples (on the side of your head) and rest your fingertips just above your eyebrows.2. Slowly, with pressure, pull your fingers apart and stretch the skin above your eyebrows.
    3. Repeat at your forehead, stretching the skin.
    4. Repeat at the hairline.
    5. Continue this process along the top of your head, all the way to the back.
    6. Repeat as many times as you like. Enjoy the feeling and reap the benefits.
    Simple Exercise #4
    When your thoughts keep going round and round and your head is filled with mental chatter and you can't seem to get a thought on paper, give the Bach Flower Essence White Chestnut a try. Most health food stores carry the 39 Bach Flower essences. Four drops of the flower essence in water or under your tongue several times a day will allow you to come up with ideas from a calm, centered mind.

    Simple Exercise #5
    Get a Staples EASY BUTTON. I do not work for Staples. I simply found that having the button on my desk and hearing the voice say, "That was easy", is a constant reminder to walk around the chair instead of tripping over it. Sometimes we simply have to change our perspective.

    Simple Exercise #6
    Ask yourself, "Is there an easier way?" "Could I use some help?" "Is there someone who I could brainstorm with?" "Do I need to walk away and come back later?"
    As one of the cards from the Creative Whack Pack says, "What would Walt Disney do?" Hmm.

    If you would like help determining the steps needed to reach a goal or support keeping life simple, contact me through my website:

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